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We offer over 1.5 million high quality and reliable 4G and 5G proxies, sourced from the best IP providers. Our proxies are private and highly dependable.

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With a constantly updating inventory of over 1.5 million addresses in 100+ countries, you'll always have access to a reliable proxy.


Our customizable dashboard and API, along with our dedicated support and development teams, will help you get the most out of your proxy experience.


All of our IPs come from real devices being used by actual clients, ensuring a high level of authenticity for your proxy use.


Per GB

starts at

7$ / GB

  • Private, unlimited connection.
  • Multiple carrier options.
  • IP rotation enabled.
  • API available.
  • Real user IPs.
  • High IP trust score.

5G Devices

better deals for multiple

130$ / mo

  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Dedicated private device.
  • Located in US, EU and more.
  • IP rotation enabled.
  • API available.
  • High IP trust score.

Proxy types:


Uses real IP addresses assigned to homes and businesses. It is ideal for tasks such as social media, web scraping, accounts farming and more. Our residential proxy service is priced at $8 per GB


Uses IP addresses assigned to mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It is useful for tasks such as web scraping, social media and more actions that requires high quality IP. Our mobile proxy service is priced at $9 per GB.


Uses dedicated IP addresses that change every 12-24 hours. It is useful for tasks such as account creation and data scraping. Our static IPs proxy service is priced at $10 per GB.

Premium dedicated 5G devices

Uses dedicated devices with 5G connections, providing the highest level of speed and reliability. It is ideal for tasks such as high-volume web scraping, data mining and actions with IPs with very high score. Our premium dedicated 5G devices are priced at $130 per month.